13 november, 2009


Old Sir Jaune Lemon,
was an avid drinker
and rumours had it,
that he was a stinker.
He smelled of liqour and whisky
"and something beside it", said bartender Brisky.
A slice of lemon on the rim
was always added as a trim.
And every time he sipped his drink,
his nose went down and, in a blink,
it squeezed that yellow, juicy fruit.
Sour drops went straight to his eye
but never ever made him cry.
He didn´t even seem to mind,
maybe ´cause he´s halfway blind?
Old Sir Lemon; full of spree
thanks to that juicy vitamin C!
Ett svar på Amandas blogginlägg (hon är kul den tjejen!)

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